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22 May 2012

Mercston - Tsunami & E Class

He’s featured on national radio stations such as Kiss FM, Choice FM and BBC 1xtra, collaborated with some of the hottest names in the industry including Ghetts, Chipmunk, Bashy and Wiley, released a highly anticipated 11 track mixtape entitled ‘Ventilation’ and is well known for tunes such as Summertime and Good Old Days.

Mercston is a musician from East London, who like many artists, has been pursuing a career in music since his teens. I caught up with him to find out about his latest release his Tsunami, taken from his fourth-coming mixtape E Class, his influences, as well as how and why he decided to return to the music industry after incarceration.

I’ve been heavily involved with music since I was 18. I started out listening to the Pay As You Go's, the Rolldeep’s the Nasty Crews, and Ruff Squads. Then I decided…Hold up, I can do this too, and I started to make music in 2005.

I've grown up listening to music my whole life. My dad’s a DJ so at home there was always a lot of rare grooves, funk, soul, reggae RnB and hip hop playing on the Technic decks. All of these genres play a part in the music I record today - I have an old soul, lol.

I'm a quarter of The Movement" so I've worked with Ghetts, Scorcher and Wretch 32, that's family right there! Ruff Squad, Wiley, Bigz, Donaeo, J2k and many many more musicians. To be honest, I usually keep it in house, but I've worked with some amazing singers.

My time away held me back from releasing music, I even stopped writing for a year.

Then a good friend of mine, that i met, named Ray, reminded me of the gift I've been given – It’s not a talent, this is a gift - so I have to utilise it.

I started listening to music again and began writing to the best of my ability which helped me along my journey.

I believe labels know what I'm capable of but are scared of taking the risk, but it's all down to timing. So when the time’s right, it's right. I’ll just keep recording and making great music.

Jay Z has been a big influence, he's still the best in my eyes up untill now. Mase was a big influence; I use to think I was that brudder there, lol.

In the UK, Wiley was a big influence. He helped me to believe in myself and told me if I press on people will have to take me in, a similar thing was said by Chunky B, a good friend and the first producer I ever worked with, I appreciate them both.

The whole Movement team have been there too, they’re all great artists and being around them gave me no choice but to up my levels and be the best I can be.

At the moment, music hasn’t taken me anywhere great, but I foresee the future, so in the next interview I’ll let you know, lol.

My alias is just a spin off from my surname "Marston" I generally beat up the riddim put before me so I was given the name Mercs and kept the "ton".

Sacrifices, I suppose going to university. I know my family would have loved me to go because music has its ups and downs, but they wish me the best in whatever I do.

Me going to uni would have led to a concrete career. No regrets, just lessons learnt, without them I wouldn't be me today.

The music industry seems to be getting a little more accepting in regards to the music and artists being let through to showcase their sounds of music on a bigger scale.

I still feel not enough risks are taken and that this country needs to let go of this "one at a time" attitude, other that that, it's progressing.

There are so many artist out there right now I couldn't tell you who's next to blow.

I've seen so many people have a good buzz and been sure they’re about to blow then for "one at a time reason" nothing comes of it.

What’ next? I’ve just dropped my new video on the May 21st entitled Tsunami ft Siah Spiderman and Jaze Aliga which is taken from my forthcoming mixtape E- Class, which is dropping very soon.

The tape consists of different genres of classy music. It's named E class because a lot of people refer to my music as a touch of class another words "he class" hence the E class like Merc E class "ya get me" lol - if your one of those I appreciate that.

With this tape, I think I"ll take my fans back to my first mixtape "The End of the Beginning" you’ll find some smooth tracks on there for the ladies Apart from that I'd like to end this interview by saying expect the unexpected!

Peace and love Mercs !

For more of Mercston, you can now log on to his Official Website.

21 May 2012

Realmz - LoveTrain & RDVision

‘LoveTrain symbolises the love I share with the public and how they can be all aboard by supporting the clothing line’, explained 20 year old Realmz from South East London. After dabbling in the art of music and video he decided to use his creative expertise to build a clothing label that aims to build social cohesion.

I caught up with Realmz to find more about his label, Love Train, the current projects he’s working on, the messages behind his output - musically and visually - as well as where it all started.

I felt the clothing industry needed a revolution and I feel my label is just that. LoveTrain is an urban unique brand that emulates the purity and love that we should all have for each other. It aims to attract and include everyone, young and old, black or white, it’s just really about creating unity.

My music career started in school, I collected grime instrumentals but never writ any lyrics for them. Then I found confidence to write from my friends Leader, Bizz & Vazer - who are also artists From South East London – which was just what I needed and I’ve continued writing lyrics ever since.

My lyrics are influenced by my experiences and whilst pursing my career I’ve also learnt new skills. Originally, I wrote and listened to Grime music, but I began experimenting with different genres and I’m still challenging new genres today.

My videography started a few years ago in the summer of 2009.

I wanted to give underground artists a platform to express themselves, so i started editing the music videos I recorded, which was a good way for me to gain practice on the art.

Over the years I have provided artists with an efficient reliable service, which has thankfully strengthened my business and gained me a large fan base, but I know there's still progress to be made.

My target audience are those who indulge in the newer realm of music and entertainment. By which I mean that we are creating a brand new style of music for unique artists. I try to expand on my audience all the time by bringing new ideas and concepts that involves everyone.

The message I convey is a meaningful yet simple, ‘I hope that through my music and media I can design a vision for people to understand". It’s also important to be yourself most importantly, be something no one else has yet, channel a new route, don’t hold back your talents and really do everything in your power to express to full potential, so in a nutshell, "don’t hold back".

A typical day in my life includes mainly filming scheduled artists, attending studio sessions. where I work on different music projects to better my music.

I rarely have spare time, but when I do I use it to plan for fourth-coming projects the week, which may include filming, music or even selling product from my clothing line.

I like to chill with my team members, friends and family who are also music and media orientated. I work very hard to achieve my goals.

Alongside all my other stuff I’m also training to become a teacher, learning to play the guitar, piano and drums - which I hope to use elements of on my next mixtapes.

I’ve worked with artists such as Griminal, Kid Bookie, Dot Rotten, Mz Bratt, Fugzi Malone, DQ, Icer, Invasion Alert - at their 1xtra set 3 months ago - Izzy Kaye, AGFly, Double M, Recky Rampz, Complex - from USA - Big Spree - from Trinindad - and many more which you can find via my Youtube, Soundcloud and Facebook.

I’ve also worked with ITV's star Lucy Harold in her Hedd Magazine photoshoot which I filmed alongside Wowa Designz.

Not forgetting the recent project I filmed on MMA Boxer Brett Size-Land also alongside Wowa Designz which was used for a Hedd Magazine interview.

The magazine covers topics such as cars, models, fashion, celebrity interviews and more. In the future I plan to work with a lot of people, but mainly those who want to support me and my vision. No one specific.

I influence myself, through my journey in life is expressed throughout all my talents. When it comes to music i do find some grime artists very inspiring such as Ice Kid, Dot Rotten, D Bo, Lowkey, Black The Ripper, Devlin and others but I’m a very versatile listener so listening to a variety of different music helps expand my ideas.

I’m also influenced by those in my team such as Leader, Grief, Close Range, Tyrant, Intruder and Wowa Designz who give me advice and help to guide me.

I have alot of stuff coming, Musically: The Rise Of The Realm Volume 2 mix tape, which Is a follow up from my first promotional CD Rise of The Realm Volume 1, Leading The New Realm, which is a joint CD with artist Leader, from Motivated Music and Double M.

Leading The New Realm Volume 2 which is a joint CD following up from the first promotional CD Leading The New Realm and the Revolution, which is a team CD by Team Revolution that includes Grief, Leader, Tyrant, Intruder and other features such as Bizz, Agfly. I also have a few singles coming soon.

With RDVision I hope to continue to expand and meet more people via music videos and interviews, but I hope to include sports in the near future. I hope to build an empire from RDVision eventually.

Other than that I have a few movies and adverts coming soon. So look out for this, on top of that I still have items from my clothing line LoveTrain yet to come out  such as the Snapbacks, Beanies, Baby Clothes, Accessories and Underwear.

Plus other expansions on that original clothing line including Less Is More Clothing. Besides all that maybe a teaching career or guitarist who knows.

For more of Realmz follw him via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Soundcloud.

18 May 2012

G Range - Money Back

The evolution of the music industry demonstrates that as a musician, solely singing or rapping just isn’t good enough, which is why a variety of musicians have adapted their craft to become visual editors, producers, song-writers and actors all at once.

However, this doesn’t always work, but after watching one episode of the virtual sitcom, True Ghetto Stories, I help being interested - even more so arranging an interview!

G Range, an East London musician who uses visuals to communicate his music, to find out about his journey into music, what his alias represents, his inspirations and more.

Everything you see and hear is me being myself and finding a way to express that. I never set out to make people laugh or feel sad; it’s just the way it’s turned out.

I'm an artist; it does me more justice because I create both visuals and music.

I love to create things to provoke an emotion whether it is to laugh or to feel sad and reflect!

That way, I hope it’s more appealing because it’s all genuine and from the heart.

It started in Hackney, East London where I was born. I've always been creative from as early as I can remember, but I consciously decided to turn my hobby into a career about 4 years ago.

When I say career, I mean doing things more professional and making the sacrifices it takes to have a career in this industry.

My music its authentic the emotion is real and the message is point blank, I think my audience recognise this and appreciate it, I also think my audience are open minded and daring like myself - ready to try new things.

My alias represents me, G for Gabriel which is my first name and Range which stands for distance, so it’s Gabriel's distance.

It basically reflects my spirit and drive to reach a higher level and always push boundaries.

I’m inspired by Tupac, mainly for his raw rap delivery, the passion in his voice and in your face lyrics! I also like Redman, Ludacris and Busta Rhymes for being visually entertaining and also sick rappers at the same time!

Sometimes when people see my True Ghetto Stories they think I’m very funny but not sure if I'm a good rapper. Then they hear my music and can’t believe how good I am and that's what I like, having the balance of good visuals and music.

I love the industry right now, it’s healthy and I'm happy that so many UK artists have crossed over to places that the scene hadn’t before, so it gives artists like me a platform to take the scene even higher.

I’ll be releasing a single called MONEY BACK very soon; I’m currently in talks with different labels regarding who I'll release it with.

But In the future you can expect more creative and entertaining music and videos and live shows across the country.

For more from G Range, you can now check out his new material via Youtube, as well as follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

16 May 2012

Ayo - Boom Ayo

Ayo is a musician from East London who started his music career at the tender age of 12. After experimenting with music with a childhood friend they then formed a duo ‘Illstarz’ in which Ayo became the lyricist and his friend made the beats.

Ironically Illstarz, is now the title of the label he co-owns. He then spent some time in the US during his teens where became heavily influenced by the Hip Hop Culture that gave rise to artist such as Jay Z, Nas, LL Cool J and Mobb Deep.

Ayo has recently release his latest single ‘Boom AYO’ featuring the likes of Princess Nyah, J2K and Frisco. I caught up with him to find out his sacrifices, future collaborations and his views on the current music industry.

I was influenced a lot by Hip Hop and staying with my cousin at the time it encouraged us to form a rap group, we recorded a few demos over known instrumentals, but were lacking original material.

So using tips and tricks learned from an old friend who used to make beats with, I began the production side of my career. Now years down the line I’ve managed to marry the two skills, rapping and producing, and add a little singing. Now my mission is to share it with the world.

I decided to turn my hobby into a career ‘when I was around 19, when I finished college and began working at a bar.

I was still doing music although it wasn’t something I did to support myself financially, but it would find a way of taking up all my time because I was so passionate about it.

Eventually, it started effecting my job at the bar in a bad way and i was called into my manager’s office. She sat me down and said "i can see you are not putting 100 percent into this job" I agreed and then explained to her why, she then said "either you put full focus on this job or you might as well resign because you will end up getting the sack" and that was my last day at the bar.

Two weeks later I sold my first production, a track called 'Married' which I did for 'Dj Ironik' 'warner music' - his record label at the time - paid me £2000 for it. From that point on I knew this was my new career and I never looked back.

I think my audience spans from the inner city to suburban youths and from the young to mature. I don't try to appeal to anyone I just do music I like but because my taste varies, I think it’s easy for someone to find at least one song of mine they like.

I don’t have any regrets, I think with anything I do, I go into it knowing there is no choice but to make it work.

Even if it’s harder than not doing it in the first place, so I never wish that didn't do things.

I love the music scene right now; I think the hunger that was prevalent in the 90's by artists is coming back! People are trying different things and working hard which inspires good music. My message is don't feel like you have to put yourself in a box to be cool, you can be respected for doing what you want to do.

Social networking really helps because you can reach people and know that your reaching them, whereas back in the day you wouldn't be able to see who your fans were or how many fans you actually have. Now you can communicate with them, you can also show them new music without having to do the full on promote via TV, radio concerts.

I’ve worked with quite a lot of artists, just to name a few, Labrinth, Dionne Broomfield, Jason Derulo, Rebecca Furguson, Roll Deep, Wretch32, Jessica Lowndes from 90210, Natt Weller, Paul Weller's son, the list goes on.

I really want to work with some more afro beat artists and maybe some rappers from the states such as Jay Z

Check out my new single 'Boom Ayo' it’s got a heavy urban remix ft J2K from Roll Deep, Princess Nyah & Frisco from Boy Better Know.

For more of Ayo, you can follow him via his Official SiteFacebook, and Twitter.

3 May 2012

Shivz Dot - Refuge

With 10 mix-tapes, 2 albums and a nationwide tour under his belt in addition to featuring on the MOBO’s Awards and BBC1Xtra Home-grown segment, and signing a management deal with The Rising Tide, we can only anticipate what’s next for East London musician, Shivz Dot.

I caught up with him to find out where it all started, who he’s collaborated with and his plans for the future.

‘When I was 14, I had airtime over both Urban Tings FM & Axe Fm in North London which were both huge internet Grime radio platforms back in 2005 and 2006‘, explained Shivz, when asked where his career began.’

This exposure enabled him to attract an audience, allowing him to rub shoulders with Grime Pioneers and most importantly get airplay across various London radio stations. He Recalls ’me and my friends started going to every radio set from Angel Whitelion to Dagenham, Redbridge and barking.’

At the age of 19, he  signed to a music management deal with Hackney’s , Rising Tide which specialises in training courses, creative apprenticeships, master-classes, and artist development , all of which provided Shivz with the skills and network base to pursue his music.

‘In 2008, I was selected as one of the final 10 to open at the MOBO awards, which was a great experience that I’ve used to better my craft.

During that time I did have to drop management due to a few shady movements, but I’ve learnt to NEVER mix family and businesses. ‘

‘I haven’t looked back since. They’re ‘no regrets’ - like Dappy says. But I’ve definitely sacrificed my social life, but it’s not really a sacrifice when I totally enjoy what I'm doing full time. I've been dominating the mix-tape scene with 10 releases, 11 on the way.

‘I’m sitting on 2 albums worth of material and I toured nationwide in 2010’ where he performed at the Big Chill, Lovebox, Indigo2, Hackney Empire and Bigga Fish. He recalls ‘It was a good feeling to see the crowd show mad appreciation for London talent.’ His 2nd tour is set to take place this summer.

‘At the end of 2011 I had my first national airplay on BBC1xtra on Target’s Home-grown show. In January I released my ground-breaking Refuge video which went viral and now has over 20,000 views to date.’

‘On my mix-tapes I say what I like and no one can tell me anything, but with the album stuff I tend to use my intelligence more than my ignorance,’ he laughs. ‘I appeal to all ages, all ages, but prominently 13 – 25.

'My influences are the old skool and just ground breaking moments in general in all types of music I tend to watch a lot of documentaries and archive footage of all the greats in music industry.'

‘I don't try and appeal to any audience I do the damn job and people just love what I do from all walks of life I don't go in the studio trying to get a certain sound anything you hear is just natural progression an I guess I’ve just proven I can do grime but easily switch up an go commercial & still sound damn good.

When asked about current and future collaborations he says ‘Let’s just say I've worked with some R & B Royalty within the UK when the album drops everyone will know.’

When asked who he’s inspired by he replies ‘me myself & I’ He continued ‘I have to aspire to better myself and that’s inspiration within itself.

I've turned down management deals from Crown Music who manages Jessie J not to mention a deal with Virgin so I’m not jumping into any contracts just yet, but expect an album sooner or later, more videos and just raising the bar worldwide.’

Shivz Dot's latest mix-tape Authentic is out now.

Also, you can follow him via Twitter and Youtube, as well as contact him personally viaFacebook.

2 May 2012

Jazzmine - North London's Rising Star

Like many musicians, 17 year old Jazzmine, grew up listening to the likes of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Coldplay, but after watching Leona Lewis win the X Factor in 2006, the North London songstress decided to turn her hobby in a profession and hopefully make her dreams a reality.

I caught up with Jazzmine to find out what she focuses on when making music, any sacrifices her plans for the future.

My mum always told me, you’ve gotta be happy in your job, so I thought if music was my career, nothing would make me happier. God gives people talent for a reason and if you love something you should pursue it, so I decided to take the first steps.

At college people were studying for careers they love and could get a job in. But, studying music and getting a job in the industry, seemed so far away, so I studied hairdressing and worked part time as a hair stylist.

Where it started…

But after being made redundant, I thought it was a now or never so I began to take my singing more seriously. In late 2011 my best friend suggested I start doing covers on Youtube just to get my voice heard, it was always was something I’d considered but didn't know how to go about it - I didn't even have an account.

I had to start somewhere, so I jumped straight in, made a quick video and shared it online and as a result I got a lot of positive support and good feedback.

I remember watching Leona Lewis on X factor back in 2006 and when she won I realised that dreams really can come true. Singing always helped me concentrate I used to hum a tune to myself and then words from whatever I was thinking about just followed, so I started to write them down.

They started out on paper as notes which turned to poetry and then eventually song lyrics. I've always sung around the house, school, on the bus whenever I had a song in my head I would have to sing it out loud.

Her musical message…

Music has to mean something so it connects with listeners. I tend to focus on whatever's in my head and then let it flow, everything has a deeper meaning.
I focus on breaking the mould and making a better life for myself and my family. I don't want to just wake up to fortune I want to make it through something and that is music.

She recalls ‘one day I was looking out my window, thinking there's so much outside, so much more than what I had inside, it wasn't fulfilling.


Time is my only sacrifice, I have put a lot into my music which could have gone towards college work, but the way I see it is there's got to be sacrifices if you really want something and I anticipate a lot more in future. No pain no gain!


Irish dancing, it’s a a great way of keeping in shape. I competed professionally when I was 7 and travelled a lot to different countries through such as Spain, New York and Ireland of course!

Her audience…

I'd like to think my voice appeals to a wide audience and I have a range of listeners. I think my audience will develop more over time.

A variety of ages can identify with me musically because as I interact a lot with different genres and styles which have a lot of similarities and musical interests.

The music industry…

Being a new artist in the UK when there's so much talent out there I'm bound to face comparisons. It’s hard to come out as something no one's seen and will accept. Even if you’re genuinely just being yourself people might say you're trying to be like so and so or you're similar to this person.

I think every artist should be known in their own right instead of being ranked against everyone else out there. There’re a lot of female artists doing big things at the moment and they’re all individual and bring something different to the industry, especially with a lot of British ladies coming through so quickly.

She adds ‘in a male dominated industry people think girls should be a certain way. The raunchy thing is in right now, so there's pressure on females to be sexualised and as a young female artist there's pressure to be a certain way, but I don’t have Nicki Minaj's body or Rihanna's raunchiness.

I'm just Jazzmine, so all I can hope is that people are able to appreciate that.

Her inspirations…

‘Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Rihanna, Adele, Jesse J and Leona Lewis’ – she explains ‘they had a dream from a young age and not only made it a reality but pursued it relentlessly.

Alicia Keys, I've loved her ever since I heard Fallin. Rihanna, she made it big in such a short time and wasn't afraid to reinvent herself, Adele her voice and her level of achievement is inspiring. Jessie J, her song writing ability is amazing and she writes in a way that a lot of young people relate to. Leona Lewis, she's so humble, I don't think she knows how great she is!

I'm generally a fan of strong female vocalists but I also love Snow Patrol, Coldplay, The Script and growing up I was a big fan of Avril Lavigne!

Future plans…

I don’t just want to be a Youtube cover girl; I'm working on my original material. My 1st track should be out this year and I am also working on a demo/EP.

I'm really working hard so you can expect a lot from me. I don't wanna say too much, everything is a working progress so catch up with me in the near future to see where I'm at

You can now catch follow Jazzmine via Twitter and Youtube. :)